Getting Spanish Window Treatments For Your Home

Ok you might be here to learn spanish and that is all great and all. But today I want to tell you about an experience that I had. I was visiting a friends home that happened to be spanish. And I saw the nicest thing ever. They had a room with their Spain flag on the actual windows.

I was truly amazed and ask how they had gotten the flag printed on their window blinds. Well they told me that they did it online and actually saved money.

Which gave me the idea of doing the same thing to my home. So if you want to do it to your home, here are some tips. You can get online blinds like these 1 inch faux wood blinds and wooden vertical blinds. I’ll show you that also these window sun screens like these blackout blinds for children and motorized roman shades can be done as well. For custom printing I would recommend them on window shades like these cheap roller blinds that include striped roman shades or bamboo window treatments. If anything you can get normal window blinds from them and you will still also love it!

Learning Spanish The Easy Way

learnspap Hola, como te llamas?

Spanish is an ever growing language and it’s a fun one too. If you do locksmith San Antonio it’s important to also speak Spanish, the owner of was telling me that he had to help out a family that only spoke Spanish and they actually gave him other customers after he helped them out.

Why not get motivated and learn a second language, maybe even a third? Everyone at speak Spanish to always help everyone that comes in looking for locksmith aventura. Go read these interesting blog posts at,,, http://www.primeblindsonlinestore.weebly.com and Spanish is easy, and it’s fun too. If you need to order from rollease you can do it in English or in Spanish. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it, so don’t get discourage.

If you want to learn Spanish, then go for it. Since sell to all over the world they have people that speak all languages so they can help everyone that needs aluminum extrusions. There are many ways to learn Spanish including the famous Rosetta stone CD’s which I hear are amazing at teaching a language.

According to resources you can be talking a language as soon as a few months into the lessons! If you go to website you can read the information about them in English or in Spanish. If a CD isn’t fun enough, then why not join a Spanish class at your local college campus?

It will be a great and fun way to socialize, meet new people from all different kind of heritage backgrounds and you can all join in this one common goal of learning another language. While I was getting locksmith Austin help, I got a chance to help out Joe the owner of learn a little bit of Spanish. Spanish is my first language.

I was born in the USA and was raised by Colombian parents. This came in handy the other day when I was looking to buy wood blinds here in Miami at The Prime Blinds and all the people selling them only spoke spanish so I ended up getting a discount on already cheap blinds and also custom window treatments, so that made me even happier. If you live in Miami, I would recommend you think about roller solar shades which are like a sunscreen for your home.  For the very best woven wood blinds , check out , the #1 internet company for window blinds. You can get their standard blinds like these wooden blinds and vertical blinds. Yet you can also look at their solar window shades and blackout window shades. You see that their blinds with remotes are good too, just look at their bamboo window shades and roman window shades. This allowed me to communicate with them and get a great price.
Spanish were my first words, however thirty years later all I speak is English in my household and in my professional environment.

The great thing is I will never forget Spanish, and it is always there ready to aid me when I want my café cubano.

So don’t be afraid and open up some Spanish magazines or Spanish telenovelas and get started on learning a new language. What you don’t need to learn about spanish is brides. There are a lot of misconceptions about latin brides, but they are all false. Matter of fact most brides wear the same plus size wedding dresses, by the way check out that normal American women wear. This is something I have seen at weddings in movies, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.